• Dimples makes text save ink.

    Dimples makes text save ink.

  • Dimples Word plugs in seamlessly with Microsoft Word

    Dimples Word plugs in seamlessly with Microsoft Word

Innovative and Flexible Technology

You wouldn’t notice it when you read it on a printed page, but each letter in a Dimples font has numerous  ink-saving features built in.  From small “dimples” in the font to special ink bleed zones, Dimples preserves the legibility of text while squeezing out serious savings. Because our solution is at the font level, it is incredibly flexible and is mostly independent of print software and hardware configurations.

Customer-Centric Pricing

Our pricing is based on you, your needs, and your opportunity. Regardless of the type of customer, Dimples’ licensing fee is based on the savings realized by the customer. For publishers, our pricing is based on circulation which is a good metric of a publishers printing and hence, savings. For enterprises and consumers, our pricing is based on workstations. Given this, it is difficult to give a direct price without knowledge of your organization and printing needs. But in all cases, your savings will far outweigh the licensing fee and the difference will contribute directly to your bottom line! Contact us now to get the conversation started.


Significant Savings

Dimples enables your organization to significantly reduce the burden of ink usage. Your signature branded look is retained, while gaining flexibility on savings level and paper/ink quality. Dimples can reduce ink usage by up to 40% via its patented overlaying technology. We will work individually with you to suggest approximate savings amounts for headline and body type to determine a savings level suitable for your brand and use.

Independently Verified Savings of 30-40%

Simple Implementation and Integration

As a font-based solution, the on-boarding process for new customers to begin using Dimple could not be more simple or straight-forward. You send us the main fonts in your stylebook (including headers and body fonts) via a secure connection. We’ll return to you the dimpled versions of the fonts. You deploy. We’ll work with you every step of the way and support you if tweaks are needed. That’s it.

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