Why create software that reduces the cost of printing in face of a massive digitization movement?

Occasionally we get that question when we tell people about Dimples.  It’s a good question.  In business, finance, medicine and in daily life, more and more of how we use information is digital.  However, does that mean people are actually printing less?  Is the printed word dead? The answer is yes and no.

For some uses, there is just no replacing the printed word.  From contracts to backup records, print has certain advantages over digital media that is unlikely to change.  Print on paper is tangible, intimate and eminently readable.  Printed copies of documents is often a legal requirement or best practice, especially with medical records, legal documents and other important information.

  • Printing costs as percentage of corporate revenue 3%

  • Estimated annual printing cost increase 30%

  • Dimples ink and toner savings 31.8%

The truth is in some respects, print is more important and expensive than ever.  Gartner Group reports that office printing costs comprise 1% to 3% of total corporate revenues.  Analysts estimate that printing costs will continue to increase at an annual rate of 20% to 40%.  Contracts, draft reviews, marketing materials continue to cost bundles in ink and toner costs.  As printing continues at high rates, the environment impact continues to grow,  with typical laser printer emits 3.2 kg CO2 per toner cartridge .

Dimples is here to both lower the cost of printing and lessen the environmental impact. Try Dimples today to see these savings for yourself.