You heard that right.  Apparently, in New York City there is a thriving underground market for ink toner.  Marque Gumbs, a hospital clerk in Manhattan, embezzled over $1.5 million dollars from his company selling toner cartridges.  According to the Associated Press, this is happening more frequently.

Ink toner is a common target for employee theft.  Take the former Pennsylvania State University employee who purchased $45,000 in ink cartridges and resold them online, or the New Jersey account executive who stole ink toner cartridges valued at $1.75 million dollars.

The scheme goes like this: employees create excessive purchase orders for ink, and divert the cartridges when they arrive.  They then sell the excess ink toner online.  The scam only works because companies spend so much in printing each year.  So much they apparently don’t notice when employees begin taking the cartridges for themselves.  At least- not for long.

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