• Add ink-saving features to your publication's typography

    Add ink-saving features to your publication's typography

Dimples Leads Ink-Saving Font Technology

Generate ink-saving font overlays for custom applications in publishing, managed print, and general licensing

The Dimples Type service enables organizations to reduce the burden of ink/toner costs.

Customer return-on-investment is significant, as our ink-saving technology can enable up to 40% savings on printed text. Each font overlay we produce is the result of a combination of expert human knowledge and patented computational algorithms.


  • Global language coverage (including Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin, Cyrillic, symbol fonts, etc.)
  • Supports numerous print technologies, such as offset, laser, inkjet
  • Specialized ‘bleed zones’ built-in
  • Preserves legibility of text — almost impossible to distinguish between dimpled fonts and non-dimpled fonts


Client Expectations

  • For each font provided to Dimples, client asserts that the client is properly licensed to use the font.
  • A ‘font’ consists of one digital file and corresponds to a single typeface. Bold, italic, and other stylistic forms are each independent fonts.
  • With our guidance, client installs the dimpled fonts.

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Technical Information for Geeks

  • We accept nearly any font format. Send it to us and we’ll take a look.
  • Clients submit fonts to a web-based drop box unless otherwise arranged.
  • Clients receive ink-saving fonts via web-based download area.
  • We provide ink savings estimates for each font as well as audits of page proofs when provided by the client. We provide instructions so the client can perform estimates internally as well.