How does Dimples work?

Dimples strategically creates little bits of negative space and specialized bleed zones in your favorite fonts to save ink and toner.  Our patent-pending algorithm uses negative space in a way which maintains the legibility of the text.  Dimples provides font-based solutions, which are flexible in their deployment and compatible with nearly any printer or copier.

How much does it cost?
For enterprise customers, Dimples’ licensing fee is based on the approximate savings available to the customer. For publishers, our pricing is based on advertisement circulation. For consumers and small organizations, our pricing is based on workstations. Dimples’ license fee pays for itself in the savings you accrue in using Dimples.

Publishers and Print Houses


Where does Dimples enter in my print process?”

Dimples is pre-press, entering at the font level on the computer system (or systems) that generates the PDF proof.

Why is Dimples different than other ink savers?

Dimples preserves legibility by keeping the font’s outline. Dimples plays well with downstream ink optimizers. Dimples can be selectively turned on/off across publications, sections, and even down to specific columns/headlines within pages. In other words, Dimples has ‘tweakability’.

Can I try Dimples before paying?

Yes. We may provide demo fonts for you to evaluate.

How can I test Dimples in my workflow?

We recommend picking a section like “Arts, Culture, Literature” or “Entertainment”. Within that section, choose one or two pages to be dimpled whole or in part. Dimples is flexible, so you can pick and choose as you see fit.

If I’m a new customer, what’s the onboarding process look like?

You send us the main fonts used throughout your publication, typically including fonts used for headers, body, and bylines. We’ll return to you the dimpled versions of the fonts for your review. We’ll work with you if tweaks are needed. We’ll guide you in installing the dimpled fonts and adjusting the publication’s stylesheets to use the dimpled fonts..


Can you provide a reference publication that uses Dimples?

Yes, please contact us.


We work in an Apple Mac environment. Do you offer a Mac solution?

Yes, dimpled fonts provided by Dimples Type or Dimples Flex Fonts live happily in OSX 10.5 (Leopard) or higher.

In what applications can I use Dimples?

Dimpled fonts are accessible in the font selection menus of most pre-press applications, including InDesign, QuarkXPress, Photoshop, Illustrator, Word, Pages, PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.

Am I, the user, able to adjust the amount of dimples that are being used in a font?

Yes. We provide several savings levels for each font you send us, so you can take your pick for what makes sense for your publication.

When I print, some of the characters appear to be darker/lighter than the others. What do I do?

Some print hardware reacts differently to dimpled fonts. When we occasionally encounter this issue during implementation, we work 1-to-1 with you to satisfy your needs. Send us photos/scans of the issue in context, which font you’re using, and at what point size.

Can Dimples distill to EPS?

Yes. The dimples in each character will convert to vector shapes, as does the rest of the character.


Do I have to have a license to use Dimples?

Yes. The Dimples license acts as a right to use our intellectual property.

How does a Dimples license ‘work’?

The license covers the use of dimpled fonts, such as for print publications. Our fee is tied to the circulation of the publications that are dimpled. If you have a unique situation or aren’t sure what this means for you, contact us so we can talk it through.

Is there a limit to how many computers can have dimpled fonts installed?

Short answer: No. Long answer: It depends. Since Dimples’ license for publishers and print houses is based on print circulation and is not per-seat, you can install Dimples on whatever computers you need to get the publication to its readership. In other words, whether you have 1 Mac that typesets your publication or 1,000 workstations that all contribute individual sections, you’re covered. However, an additional (or different) Dimples license is required if, in addition to dimpling your publication, you’re also dimpling internal documents. For consumers and non publishing organizations, per-seat licenses are available.

What if multiple publications share prepress stations, and thus are dimpled?

Dimples’ license fee is based on advertised circulation, whether it is one publication or many.

I’m already a Dimples customer but my publication changed its stylebook,
what do I do?

Send us the fonts that need dimpled and we’ll get you all set. If you have many fonts that need dimpled (>20 fonts), we will have to charge a fee.


Will my images get dimpled?

No. Dimples is font-based, so only text will be dimpled. This preserves advertisements and photographs.

How extensive of a font library do you offer?

Beyond our Flex Fonts and Dimples Word offerings, Dimples does not provide a font library. We dimple the fonts that are custom to your publication.

Is Dimples able to be applied to any font or just those that you provide?

Dimples can be applied to all fonts. Dimples does not sell or otherwise provide fonts. It’s up to you to ensure that your organization has a license to use the fonts in your possession.

Can dimpled fonts reside alongside non-dimpled fonts?

Yes. In your “font selection” menu, you’ll see fonts like “Helvetica Dimples” or “Times New Roman Dimples”. If you don’t want to use Dimples, choose plain “Helvetica” or “Times New Roman”.

Does the dimpling support serif and sans-serif fonts?

Yes. If it’s a font, we can dimple it.

What font formats can I have dimpled?

In general, we handle most modern font formats, such as OpenType (.otf) and TrueType (.ttf) fonts. Mac Font Suitcases are generally supported. If you don’t know what format you have or if we support it, send the font and we’ll get to work.

In what format will I receive my dimpled fonts?

Dimpled fonts are returned as OpenType (.otf) fonts or TrueType (.ttf) fonts, at our discretion.

Enterprises and Consumers


How does Dimples work for individual customers or an enterprise?

For consumers or enterprise organization environments such as schools, universities, government or businesses, our solution is to provide you our in-house Flex Fonts. Consumers or employees in an enterprise may selected the dimpled version of the font in their favorite word processing or other publication software just as they would any other font. As well, Dimples has developed Dimples Word, an add-in for Microsoft Word which can be installed on each machine. When a user wants to print, he or she simply clicks the “Print in Dimples” button rather than the “print” button and their work will be automatically printed in Dimples realizing the ink savings. This add-in also allows users to keep track of their savings.

Does Dimples work with programs other than Word?

Yes.  Dimples Flex Fonts allows you to enjoy the same savings in many of your favorite programs, including enterprise software.

Does Dimples work better than draft mode?

Dimples saves more ink than draft mode and the text is more legible. For extra savings, use draft mode and Dimples together.

Licensing and Cost

On a standard consumer printer – laser and inkjet – how many pages does it take to pay back the purchase price?

This depends on the price you pay for ink and you printer somewhat but, as an example: At $14.99USD, Dimples pays for itself in about 1,000 pages (2 reams).

Here’s the math:

1 ream of paper is 500 sheets. It costs ~$0.05 in black ink/toner (on average) to print a 10% coverage page. Physical tests show Dimples consumes ~30% less ink than a typical font at common sizes. (At larger text sizes or resolutions, Dimples can save 50%+.)So the ink cost for printing a ream of paper is: 500 sheets x $0.05 ink/sheet = $25.00 of ink per ream. The ink cost for printing a ream with Dimples is: 500 sheets x $0.05 ink/sheet x 70% ink used = $17.50 of ink per ream. Therefore, the difference of printing normally versus with Dimples is $25 ink/ream – $17.50 Dimples ink/ream = $7.50 in ink savings by switching to Dimples. At $14.99 per license, Dimples pays for itself by the time it has printed its 2nd ream. (2 reams x $7.50 ink savings/ream = $15.00.

Are updates included in the license?

Yes. Updates are included in the license.