• Dimples offers prepress ink-saving solutions

    Dimples offers prepress ink-saving solutions

“We are impressed with the Dimples technology, as it offers high-quality output while ensuring significant toner/ink savings. Dimples’ innovative approach, which addresses savings at the font level, gives users an elegant way to implement the solution.” — Joe Roberts, GM/VP OEM, Monotype

How to start saving

As part of our Dimples Type service, we generate ink saving overlays for your publication’s existing fonts using patented algorithms. Your publication’s typography does not change — the fonts appear identical to your readers, except the fonts require less ink to print.

Here is the process:

  • Publisher provides the fonts commonly used throughout the publication. This includes fonts used for headlines, bylines, body, and other content, excluding advertisements or artwork.
  • Dimples generates ink-saving overlays for the fonts using our patented process. Dimples tunes the overlays to deliver the savings ideal for your publication.
  • Publisher installs the ink-saving font overlays on the systems used for digital layout of the publication. Publisher updates the stylesheets within the relevant software (e.g. Adobe inDesign or QuarkXPress) to point to the dimpled overlays.

The Dimples Type service fee is tied to the publication’s advertised circulation, and is based on a percentage of the estimated savings realizable by the publisher.

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When saving ink with Dimples, it's like printing money.

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“Putting Dimples technology in place, newspapers can cut ink costs without diminishing the quality of their products. The saving in ink consumption can be dramatic.” — John Marshall, VP Sales, Superior Media Solutions