(Ebensburg, PA) Small efficiencies can scale up to huge benefits. One young entrepreneur, Jonathan B. Miller aims to save his clients billions of dollars over the next several years. He, and co-inventor Mem Miller, formed a team and founded Dimples, LLC,  a company based in Ebensburg, PA.  The company can provide economic benefit to the publishing industry with only the use of the printed word.

Their patented process makes any text — in any typeface, in any language — print with less toner. Publishers, government, and institutions can save billions of dollars without ever changing their organizational typefaces. The process is designed to simply overlay already licensed fonts. “Corporations, publishers, and institutions have been  asking us for help with their print costs,” says Miller. “We’ve been incubating our technology over the past two years and are now working with select partners.” Dimples is undergoing field testing at a daily Pennsylvania newspaper and has been independently verified by Dr. John Miko and Mr. Michael Kennedy of Saint Francis University Enactus, to reduce toner use by approximately 30 to 40%.

Dimples has local and federal governments in its sights, as well as the newspaper and publishing industry. Greg Zduniak, Dimples’ Chief Operations Officer, says that there have been recommendations over the years that “simply changing the font” will instantly save millions of dollars. Most recently, Garamond has received the spotlight. Before that, Century Gothic was viewed as the silver bullet for cost reduction. “The problem is more complex”, he says, “because, in addition to the significant licensing and identification costs associated with changing an organizational font, the federal government’s hands are sometimes tied. Bulk printing is contracted to independent third-party subcontractors who may not always be motivated to help the government reduce its costs. After all, they are in the business of selling ink and toner.” Dimples hopes to establish a middle ground between governments and contractors, by providing cost reduction tools as well as analytics to allow all parties to see the savings data for themselves.  Dimples is federally certified as an Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business and has received grant funding from Johnson & Johnson as well as Walmart’s Women for Less Waste program.

Are other companies, such as HP or Xerox, concerned that print cost reduction will hurt their bottom line? “While it makes for a nice ‘David and Goliath’ story,”  Mem Miller says, “we instead see these companies as partners in the document generation process. We’re making it cheaper to print documents — and indirectly encouraging organizations to print more. If we can save each customer thousands of dollars, and our process can be adopted throughout the world, we could save billions of dollars while preserving the joy of reading clear, legible printed text. And our process is “green” since we are helping to reduce the carbon footprint. It’s a huge goal but we’ve found much support on the way.”

[Please note that Jonathan Miller, Mem Miller, and Greg Zduniak are available to assist writers or editors via interviews or any additional work needed to facilitate story development.]


Jonathan Miller

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Dimples, LLC





Mem Miller

President and Co-Founder

Dimples, LLC





Greg Zduniak

Chief Operations Officer

Dimples, LLC